Life Is a Path with leading threads.

2017-08-13 05:58:50 by DeadlyMace2

We move accordingly to our inevitable fate, making us move through multiple choices that branches off to an infinite number of ways that all leads to one narrow thread that we hope to avoid but inexplicably fall victim to no matter the case, no matter what choices we make. It's sad but unavoidable and even if we try to weave our path to take, it will always be attracted to that very same end point where we meet our end. Why even struggle? Why do we try to make a difference when there's always something that clings to our hopes and drags it down to a bottomless abyss? Makes us question our own mortality and existence. It's like we've been treading a thin line since the very beginning, feeling like all of this is orchestrated by one big figure.6464030_150261830063_whiteshirt2.png


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2017-08-13 08:51:08

What's the picture? Drew yourself?

(Updated ) DeadlyMace2 responds:

its a mask. And the pattern is my own drawing in an edge of my notebook then edited it in photoshop.
I was planning to print this on a shirt someday :D.