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Thank you for the opportunity (even though my part was very shitty). After all these years in NG, this is my first time to be a part of something in this community and I'm very glad to at least contribute.

DannyGoodShirt responds:

happy to have you! It was fun.

What's a "A1 personality" ?

KirkMarkarian responds:


This was pleasant to watch. Really awesome job on the music and the animation. Love it.

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It irks me that the background is in a still state whereas everything else moves down, making it look like the trees and the zombies are falling from a high place, given that the it's in a top down perspective i think it's better if at least the road isn't the same in every instance. And sometimes the music will be randomly get cut off after you get the ability to shoot, maybe it's just on my side though. Other than that I don't think it's a bad game overall but it just needs a little tweaking for it to be better.

The jump is very spazztic for me and enemies just appear out of nowhere on the deer leaving him very vulnerable to damage. I was having the same kind of issues to a few games I tried reviewing so maybe its just on my side. But in case it's not, I hope you can improve upon it in the future.

TRHadez responds:

You filthy autist it's a moose

Overall, it's a very basic game although it has apparent flaws but it still works, for the most part. There are issues when the enemies get stuck on the lower border of the screen and doesn't disappear so they pile up like crazy. Through out the time I spent playing the game none of the enemies cause any sort of damage, meaning there are no collision effect occuring between me and the enemies. The controls are fine though, the movement of the plane though ,is a bit stiff like its just dragging something heavy across the screen. Improve on that and you have a still get quite a half decent game.

Magicalpony444 responds:

Well. The enemies will do damage.

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Is this manga still ongoing? It's been a long time since I read it and surprised to see the characters here all of a sudden

HassySoda responds:

Its not

"The chest does indeed heave...."

Your art is always a wonder to behold.

I love you.

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