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What's a "A1 personality" ?

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KirkMarkarian responds:


The audio got cut off in the middle of the vid.

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Wow. That was awesome.

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There's no other context to the game. A very linear gameplay where you are placed in a trap room basically. I think this ought to be a movie rather than a game because the only interaction you could is walk towards the house and into your doom which really sucks you out of the game and end up in disappointment. I'm sorry if I seem like im being mean or anything but unless I'm doing anything wrong in the game then you need to work and improve on to some aspects of storytelling (not like I would know) nad at least add some more features to your game like, adding a scene where the protagonist struggling with the antagonist and add a little qte event, or something cliche like that. Overall it's not a good game, but there is a room for improvement for everything. So good luck in the future.

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gellertborsay responds:

Actually, this was for testing

It irks me that the background is in a still state whereas everything else moves down, making it look like the trees and the zombies are falling from a high place, given that the it's in a top down perspective i think it's better if at least the road isn't the same in every instance. And sometimes the music will be randomly get cut off after you get the ability to shoot, maybe it's just on my side though. Other than that I don't think it's a bad game overall but it just needs a little tweaking for it to be better.

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The jump is very spazztic for me and enemies just appear out of nowhere on the deer leaving him very vulnerable to damage. I was having the same kind of issues to a few games I tried reviewing so maybe its just on my side. But in case it's not, I hope you can improve upon it in the future.

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TRHadez responds:

You filthy autist it's a moose

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Have you ever heard of fan death? Its quite a bizzare phenomena.
Anyways, awesome work on the animaton.

Very fuzzy and still warm to look at, whatever that means. I like the vibrant colors and although at some point you got lazy with some parts of the background and, just as you said, with finn missing some part of his body on the right side. I still think its quite cute.

mrFROST27 responds:

thank you

Would have loved if she had her rare twin blade "Honeysuckle" tied by one of her thighs to add a little detail to it. But as you said, you've not played the series so you might not know about it but nonetheless it's great to see a familiar character that I've played in a long while in my school years in a very well endowed body. The muscle on her shoulders really catches my eyes for some reason. Really hot.

ttrop responds:

yea i wasn' aware of the blades and i'm glad you liked the muscle details i put in :D

I love you.

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