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Happy Coming Holidays !

2017-12-19 13:00:33 by DeadlyMace2


Still alive and still love you.

Sorry for being inactive to those who are wondering, just finished some of my studies and school projects in the last few months and now i'm trying to find potential companies to apply for an OJT and after that I'm graduating college finally. So that's that. :D




Good luck with the other participants and I hope you all the best :3

10 fans

2017-09-03 23:15:19 by DeadlyMace2

It might not be much for most people. But I'm still glad that I've reached 10 fans.

Thank you so much bebe <3

My monthly pick.

2017-09-01 09:01:47 by DeadlyMace2



Good luck to all participants.

P.S- If I prematurely posted this and is in turn violated one of the rules. Then please take this post down immediately.


I love you.

2017-08-27 07:48:57 by DeadlyMace2

I love you so much, Keep being yourself and don't let anybody else tell you otherwise. 

Happy Clock Day..

2017-08-16 04:26:46 by DeadlyMace2

I don't the details of this local holdiay , even before then but congratulations to the founders and co and also affiliates. Have a good one!. 

6464030_150287193483_Untitled.pngHere's a skull i made in paint, Reasons and significance are unknown.

We move accordingly to our inevitable fate, making us move through multiple choices that branches off to an infinite number of ways that all leads to one narrow thread that we hope to avoid but inexplicably fall victim to no matter the case, no matter what choices we make. It's sad but unavoidable and even if we try to weave our path to take, it will always be attracted to that very same end point where we meet our end. Why even struggle? Why do we try to make a difference when there's always something that clings to our hopes and drags it down to a bottomless abyss? Makes us question our own mortality and existence. It's like we've been treading a thin line since the very beginning, feeling like all of this is orchestrated by one big figure.6464030_150261830063_whiteshirt2.png

Would you kindly?

2017-07-30 03:45:06 by DeadlyMace2

Would you kindly caress my toosh and fiddle my diddle a little bit? To get me riled up for the incoming sploosh and little did you know I'm a fucking douche. Ain't that a hoot? Looking forward like a fool at the watery grave that is your snoot. Laugh.


Thank you for the opportunity(Jazza's COTM)

2017-07-27 21:33:05 by DeadlyMace2

Thank you @Jazza for the opportunity to participate in your monthly competition. Its been an awesome experience and I'm looking forward to participate in the future ones if I am able. That's all I have to say :D

And if you ever happen to read this Jazza. I hope you don't mind me putting up the links to the videos you've uploaded earlier just to notify some of the people who participated. Once again, thank you.


Showcase And finalists:


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